En Frisk Generation
We promote a healthy lifestyle for all children

A Healthy Generation

About A Health Generation

Depending on where you grow up, you're possibilities for a long and healthy life vary. We want to change that.

A Healthy Generation is a non-profit organization aiming to inspire families with low socio economic status to a more active and healthy lifestyle. We provide knowledge and tools about food and physical activities in order for the parents to support their children, giving them better terms growing up.

A Helthy Generation work together with the municipalities, local organizations and companies to create a strong sustainable intervention that change peoples lives and create healthier generations.

A research team from Karolinska Institutet evaluates the method.
Fysiskt aktiva barn i en gympasal


2 physical indoor or outdoor activities every week
The families join the program for two semesters
Children and parents (or other guardian) are active together
A meal is served at the end of the activity
The parents are offered to participate in a parental support program
All acitivities are free of charge