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We promote a healthy lifestyle for all children

En Frisk Generation

About En Frisk Generation

Depending on where you grow up, you have different opportunities to live a long and healthy life. We can change that.

En Frisk Generation is a non-profit organisation aiming to inspire families with low socioeconomic status to a more active and healthy lifestyle. We provide knowledge and tools about food and physical activities in order for the parents to support their children, and to give the children better conditions growing up.

En Frisk Generation works together with the municipalities, local organisations and companies to create a strong sustainable intervention that changes people's lives and creates healthier generations.

A research team from Karolinska Institutet evaluates the method.
Fysiskt aktiva barn i en gympasal


Two physical indoor or outdoor activities every week
The families join the program for two terms
Children and parents (or other guardian) are active together
A meal is served at the end of the activity
The parents are offered to participate in a parental support program
All acitivities are free of charge